Hand on Heart: A Pledge

Artist Statement:

On May 30th 2007 at the Jeanne rose Wagner Theatre, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA- 201 new citizens were naturalized, coming from 51 countries- I was just one. Feeling the need to express my voting rights and having lived in the USA for 10 years, my husband and I decided to apply for our Citizenship. the process for us- White, British and working on Green Cards- though a little long, was relatively pain free. at the Ceremony the new citizens were encouraged to tell of their physical and emotional journey to arrive to the USA and to that day of Naturalization- listening to their stories was a humbling experience. Some came with stories of escaping war-torn regimes, poverty, starvation and oppression on nightmarish journeys. My personal response to the day was in a piece of art, and 'Hand on Heart: A Pledge' was the result.

Deborah Durban