Double Standards

Artist Statement:

This work "Double Standards" considers the pros and cons of being an American. The hidden structure emphasizes the duality of citizenship in the United States. The back ground on each side of the paper further explores this seemingly inherent duality. One side (pros) suggests a beehive- a place of safety, home and an organic feeling of being part of the whole. On the reverse (the cons), the background theme opens up the inner mechanisms of a machine. The machine is man-made, industrial and also lends itself to the feeling of belonging to part of a greater whole, but with less positive results. Finally, each page uses a symbol that serves as a metaphor for each word. DIVERSITY, FREEDOM and PROSPERITY were chosen for the positive aspects of life as an American. However, the other experiences are to be had as a citizen that include: INTOLERANCE, DISCRIMINATION and INEQUALITY.

Joy Stein