My Microcosm

Artist Statement:

The older I get, the more I realize how important home and family are to me. I wanted to do a very personal piece, so a part of me would be traveling to Chile. The hands that are the book cover- are taken from a mold of my own hands. The house represents my home in Birmingham, Alabama. My husband and dog bring me joy, love and support. I feel blessed to have this little microcosm of happiness. A small part of me travels to a place I have never been and opens to reveal my thoughts and emotions in the visual language of symbols.

This piece evolved from many versions of a pop-up book. But the final product is not a pop- up, but a fantasy landscape, house and family that represent my life. I own a home and beautiful wooded lot where I live with my husband and dog. In this country we are land rich and sometimes take that for granted. No one really owns the land, as we are just caretakers for that short time that we are on earth.

Janice Kluge